Jannis Drewell Took The Golden Medal

Final of the males yesterday & is was thrilling. The technical test had mixed the second half of the ranks new, but the three Germans were able to make themeselves stand out at the top. It was just one round, the second freestyle missing. They were followed on place 4 & 5 by the Austrian Ramin Simon Rahimi & the Frenchman Vincent Haennel so far. Those two still had a minimal chance for the podium.

Some horses or the males had to cope with the athmosphere in the “Deutsche Bank Stadium”. For example, towards the end of his freestyle switched Andrew McLachlan’s horse into counter canter & kept this until the finish of his performance. That means, the last elements won’t be included into the valuation, which was refelcted in the score very obvious. Also, had the Italian Francessco Bortello problems with his horse.

As opposed to this, the young mentee of Stefan Csandl, Dominik Eder, came trough well. In the first round he couldn’t show what he can do on his horse but in this last freestyle as Darth Vader  he showed his whole potential & that we have to count with him in the next years. The Swiss went on with popular faces, Lukas Heppler & Andrin Müller slipped into the role of the admired Freddy Mercury. Both showed a pleasing program.

The Slovakian Adam Lukáč showed a freestyle with the theme “nature”. In his first senior year, the Hungarian Balázs Bence used his reliable theme Aladin. To that music he showed a clean & well choreographed routine, which might become even better with a little bit gymnastically tranquility. Lukas Klouda could show his neat Funky-freestyle, even that he hasn’t much time for pratice these days.

The biggest change of the guards took place in France. After the end of Nicolas Adreani’s & Jacques Ferrari’s career, are two young talents, Vincent Haennel & Clement Taillez ready to take over. They will call attention to themselves in the next seasons. Both impressed with their well choreographed freestyles. Vincent Haennel made the audience breathless with his twist dismount. They reached place 5 & 6 behind the Austrian Ramin Simon Rahimi.

The first German vaulter was Thomas Brüsewitz with his theme “Puss in Boots” & with a paper-thin lead on Jannis Drewell. Even if he was overall neat & with a great interpretation, he had some struggles. So was his mount of the tech test not into the handstand & the famous transition into the plank wouldn’t work out for the younger Brüsewitz brother this time. Nevertheless he showed an expressional freestyle on the trusted Airbus which he finished with a 8.563. He set the standard for following vaulters but it meant also a medal for him. Color unknown at this moment.

The young Austrian Rahimi showed a promising start in his first year as a senior vaulter. We should keep him in mind in the years to come. His routine was clean but looked a little bit held back. After a strong beginning he didn’t made it into the handstand during the technnical program mount. The following athlete, Victor Brüsewitz, made the same slip-up. He couldn’t push into the handstand during the technical test, too, & ended up on his shoulder. Nevertheless he showed a solid freesytle in the evening, despite of his troublesome horse. In the end he earned 8.367 points for his final freestyle. Together with the lead from the tech test this meant the second medal for Germany.
Last but not least, Jannis Drewell started his last round in his first appeareance at a championship as the final starter. In his normal life he is serving in the sports program of the army. His performance filled with difficult challenges & supported by his reliable horse Diabolus earned him the leading position after the first routine. In the second one he vaulted experienced & flawless as a Shaolin (like last year). Just at the dismount he couldn’t get his legs through the arms so that he left it out. But this didn’t affect his overall performance nor his joy after such a great show. A medal was secure, but which? While the viewers in front of the TV already saw the scores, the announcer in the arena kept the young athlete on the rack. In the end he got an 8.732 plus the golden medal. The places behind went to Thomas Brüsewitz (2) & Viktor Brüsewitz (3).

With that, all three medals went to vaulters from Germany which had not happened for a very long time. While this may have been supported by the retirement of the Frenchmen & the missing of Stefan Csandl it showed nevertheless the improvement of the German male vaulters in the course of the last years. This is highlighted by the fact that 6 to 7 German vaulters tried to get selected for the European championship. It will be exciting to watch the development in the years to come: Can Germany defend its strong position? Or will the young & promising vaulters from France, Austria, Switzerland & Hungary take over?

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.

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