Journal: Vaulting Press Of Week 33

Let’s try to collect all vaulting related newspaper articles. Please send them to us, if you find them. At the end of every week we will collect them here & translate the important stuff.

[German] Jessica Lichtenberg, the successful coach of Neuss, is quiting after this season. Before the upcoming Europeans big newspapers in Germany report about the German competitors. This is an insight into the training of Neuss.

[German] Lütisburg goes for gold. They set this goal right after the WC 2014. As biggest competition is mentioned Germany, France, Austria, Italy & Sweden (like Nicola Ströh-Kiedrowski). The coach said the most important fact for their success during the last years is the support by the German Michi Gnad who will rout for Switzerland & not Germany. They couldn’t keep up this standard without him.

[German] A summer camp for young children. The club in Hochrhein did a summer camp for horse & gymnastic interested children. They had space for 8 kids but 40 applications.

[German] Portrait of Lisa Wild. The author sees her as favorite. She didn’t set the gold medal as goal, because every time she did this, it brought her bad luck. She trained the somersault on the horse with the Cirque De Soleil. After her fall in 2012 she needed 2 years to recover but she doesn’t regret it. Normally she commutes between Vienna & Salzburg for training at the weekends. The rest of the week she trains without the horse. It looks like, she will show the somersault on the horse at the Europeans.

[German] The new freestyle of Neuss is a secret. Jessica Lichtenberg said, they only showed the new & ready freestyle at their final rehearsal. She invited visitors via Facebook but didn’t expect 400. The freestyle will be a follow up of “Departure in a new galaxy”. This time they return to earth with their used looking outfits. The inspiration came from the movie “Interstellar”.

[German] The favorites for the Europeans by Nicola Ströh-Kiedrowski. Pictures & text. “Sportschau” is a program of the ARD, the biggest & most important information channel in Germany.

[English] Clear report about the Junior Europeans. 14.000 views per day on the livestream. The first major international vaulting competition was in St. Moritz, Switzerland in 1978.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.

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    Agradezco el esfuerzo y la publicaciones por toda la informacion que nos brindan del mundo del volteo. Esto nos permite estar actualizados permanentemente. Lo importante es que el portal los traduce directamente al español y son de utilidad para el mundo de habla hispana, que es un numero considerable en este planeta.
    Me gustaria algun articulo para estar informado de cual es el requerimiento para que el volteo sea una disciplina Olimpica y si alguna organizacion esta en esta tarea para lograrlo. Si tuvieran la estadistica de la cantidad de paises donde se practica seria interesarnte conocer ese dato.

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    I appreciate the effort and the publications for all the information that we provide the turning world. This allows us to be permanently updated. Importantly, the portal directly translates them to the Spanish and are helpful in the Spanish speaking world, which is a considerable number in the planet.
    I’d like to read some article to be informed of what is the need or requirement to make turning an Olympic discipline, and if any organization is the task to achieve this. If they had the statistics on the number of countries in the world where the dump, it would be interesting to know this fact and know what missing difindirlo to that end.

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      Hi there, finally my answer. I promise to write this article about the olympics, but I am not sure if you will like it. Maybe I could find a second writer who writes a second opinion. Thank you for the nice words.

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