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Domenica Granja talked to us before & after the junior world championships. She is from Quito in Ecuador & trains in the club “Club Rancho San Francisco” which is one of the three in the country.

What are the other clubs in Ecuador?

There is also “Quito Tennis y Golf Club” and there is a new one called “El Establo” where there are only little kids. The main organization is the Federación Ecuatoriana de Deportes Ecuestres (FEDE).

Do you have competitions in your country?

We do have competitions but they are always in Quito because it’s the only city that has vaulting.

Do you work together with other nations?

We are not working together with any other country. We do have international competitions with Colombia, Argentina and Brasil but we work with our own federation.

Do you have to borrow the horses there?

Yes, we have to borrow horses because it’s really hard and long to take them with us.

How many horses do you have at home?

We are two clubs and in both of them there are two horses. But the only thing is that they are not really good ones so we can’t do everything on them, like freestyles.

So, you did the freestyle in Europe for the first time?

Yes. We did it in one month of hard training in Madrid. The girls worked really hard for that.

But you trained the compulsories at home?

Yes, all of them except scissors.

Was it your first world championship?

It’s our first world championship as a team. Before they went as individuals: Carla Martinez and Maria Paulina Martinez.

How did all this start?

All of this started from an idea from our trainers. They talked with the parents and they agreed so they started the hard training since the end of last year. Then they arranged that Ararat came to Quito 2 times.

Were you satisfied with the results at the world championship?

With the freestyle we were. The compulsories could have been a little bit better.

Was it a one time squad or will they stay together?

This team was only for this championship but now they want to continue with that team so they can do more competitions. This year was different because in the team there where girls from two different clubs. So, before they used to compete against each other or with their own team and this year they managed to organise the whole team.

Congrats! What is the average age of the members?

15. The flyer is 12 years old.

We are looking forward to 2017. What are your next plans?

For next year there is a CVI in Argentina, that’s what we want to go for now. And from now on we are working much harder and theres a possibility to create a senior team as well.

We are talking about getting a new horse. Almost all the parents from the girls agreed and the trainer, too. Now we start to collect money.

What is different between vaulting in Europe & Ecuador?

One of the main differences is that they have good traineres who know about the sport and the horses. Most of our trainers know only about the horses and they have learned over the time somethings about the sport. Also a big difference are the horses even though we have horses we cant do everything on them.


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