Last Test For The WC At The CVI Ermelo

It doesn’t happen every day, that a CVI is finished Staurday morning already. The senior CVI Ermelo takes place together with the junior world championship. In order not to steal the juniors the show, the CVI was held Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

For some was it the last test before the senior European championships, other nations like the USA were there to support their juniors. Right on Friday there were the first surprises in the compulsory. The Germans Victor Brüsewitz & Daniel Kaiser were really close at rank one & two. The race for the selection to the championship won Victor Brüsewitz, but Daniel Kaiser was really strong this weekend. In the tech test the text day he passed Victor Brüsewitz & also his freestyle was much more secure. With o.3 points Daniel Kaiser won his next CVI in 2015.

On rank 3 & 4 follow Ramin Simon Rahimi (AUT) & Balazs Bence (HUN) which we both know from previous junior years. Kristian Roberts started with a compulsory for rank 8. He was able to fight during his tech test as well as in his freestyle, so that he ended the competition on place 5.

At the females it looked like Lucy Phillips will win the CVI easily after two tests. But in the freestyle, she fell after a jump & couldn’t finish her ground jump so that she fell back to place 4. Kristian Boe took the lead. Alina Barosch had wonderfull secure rounds. She ended her competition on the second place followed by Claire de Ridder. The CVI was also the international come back for Emily Hogye from the USA after her bad accident. She borrowed a horse from Great Brittain but had to learn the hard way, that it isn’t allways easy on new horses. Her tech test wasn’t how she planned it which brought her to rank 8 overall. We are looking forward to more competitions with her & to see her in old strength.

In pas de deux the Palmer sisters won the first round. Will they repeat their victory from Verden? They also bought a horse in Europe. We are curious if they will be at the next World Championships 2016. In the squads competition are just two teams. Noroc from France won the first round in front of the team from Italy. These two decisions will be made in the afternoon.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.

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