1 Hour until the Junior World Championship: Ecuador

It is just one one hour till the first compulysory in Ermelo. we wish you all the best! The last introduction is from Ecuador.

A long way for one goal, Ecuador’s first team in a World Championship!!!

We started out this team with all the Ecuadorian trainers when we first found out about the intentions to organize a Junior World Championship. We saw this as the perfect opportunity for Ecuador to participate in a World Championship for the first time with a team.
Vaulting in Ecuador is a growing sport but still really small, we work like a small family since we are very few people involved. Nevertheless, the vaulters we have, from the smallest ones to the oldest ones, are the most passionate and dedicated ones. This Junior Team is the proof of it, formed by 8 young vaulters who decided that they wanted to represent their country knowing what a great challenge it was.
Since September 2014, we started working with 16 girls that where eligible for the Team. We contacted Ararat Martin and asked him to coach our team and guide us all the way to Holland. By January 2015 we had already narrowed the selection to the 8 vaulters that are now in the Junior Team: Marielisa Diez, Soledad Hidalgo, Raphaela Garcés, Alegría Cruz, Isabella Cobo, María Judith Salvador, Manuela Martínez and María Luz Carrillo. This vaulters come from two different clubs, both from Ecuador’s capital city Quito.
The past six months have been the hardest ones, trying to manage trainings with all the girls together and trying different horses, to get the girls into the best shape possible before travelling to Europe.
On July 4th we left Ecuador to finally come to Madrid, Spain, to our trainer Ararat Martín and our competition horse Naby. For almost one month we have been training here nonstop and getting everything ready for the competition. Now training is over and the time to go to Holland has finally come. Excitement now overtakes us, we can’t wait to see the competition arena and let the dream begin!!!
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