1 Day Until the World Championships for Jrs: Alexandra Semerédy & Petra Dragán

Only one day left until the Worlds and we stillv have lots of vaulters to present. Today we go to Hungary, but you can see all the profiles right here.

Petra and Alexandra started the sport in 2007. They had both competed in individual already, when the idea of this Pas-de-Deux came last year. The motivation was the domestically held European Vaulting Championships for Juniors, they definetly wanted to get a qualification for the competition, which took place in Kaposvár, Hungary. This was kind of a sudden decision, therefore the previous season was very exciting for the girls.

For the first qualifying CVI they had only two weeks of preparation time. Finally they managed to qualify for the last year’s European Championships, and at the same time they got the qualification for this year’s World Championships.

The year 2015 seemed to be much smoother and more balanced for them. They finished the CVI Budapest in 2nd place, and won the CVI Pezinok.

Their Free Test this year is inspired by a famous Luc Besson movie. If you’ve seen “The Fifth Element” then one scene probably sticks out in your mind – the Diva Dance. Both the Diva Plavalaguna and the music impressed the Pas-de-Deux very much, so they have chosen this music for their program. It starts with the beautiful opera song “Il dolce suono” from Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor, then the second part is the modern “Diva Dance” song from the famous scene. They believe this combination creates a really special atmosphere for their performance.

And do not forget to mention their most important partner: their horse, Zakarias. They would like to say a special thanks to him. Without whom even the idea of this Pas-de-Deux would not have been possible.


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