4 Days Until the World Championships for Jrs: VV Ingelsberg

4 days until the Junior World Championships. A look into the statistics says us, that in the 10 years of the European Championships, there were 6 squads that won the title for Germany. In 2009 it was the club from Munich, Voltigierverein Ingelsberg. In 2007 & 2010 they won the silver medal. They are also very successfull at the national competitions. 2009, 2014 & 2015 the junior squad was German Champion, in 2008 vice champion.

They have two coaches, that are well known in the vaulting world: Alexander Hartl, who is also the coach of the senior team, & Regina Burgmayr who is a member of the senior team & an individual vaulter.

The qualification for the world championships in Germany consists of a visit by the national coach during their winter training, they could participate in a CVI, have to participate in the “Prize of the Best” & the German championship. It was planned to select after the “prize of the best”, but there were some special circumstances, which made them appoint another selection trial: the German junior championships.

Tomorrow, they start the journey to Ermelo with the vaulters Louisa, Gregor, Sophia, Lisa, Julia and Noelle. As reserve they take Caro & Elena. Their partner is the 13 years old horse Lazio. And their theme will be the musical “Annie”. Gergor Klehe & Sophia Stangl will also represent Germany as individuals on Adlon.

Here are two videos of the VV Ingelsberg. One of 2009 with their Muppets theme & one of this years freestyle, unfortunately without music.

Adele Feuerstein

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