6 Days Until the World Championships for Jrs: Sarah Dunn & Janie Salisburry

Six days to go & we thought to introduce team members of the USA. The USA is the only nation that filled all spaces available for juniors at the world championships: 3 female & 3 male individuals, 2 pas de deux & 1 squad. Not even nations like Germany or Austria were able to do that.

One competitor for the US is the pair Sarah Dunn & Janie Salisburry. One of them is competing with the team of Woodside at the worlds, too, the other is the reserve vaulter. The theme “Waltz Of The Flowers” from the Nut Cracker. They are for weeks in Europe now, to train with their borrowed team horse Ghost Alfavad Z. As duo they will compete with Bram, who was world champion with the seniors pas de deux Jasmin Lindner & Lukas Wacha last year. Because of their travelling they couldn’t take part at the US championships & didn’t win a medal. They qualified during four selection trials.

6 Days, PDD USA

Adele Feuerstein

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