9 Days until the World Championships for Jrs: Lambert Leclezio

It’s only nine days guys! Are you as excited as we are?

Well, today we are gonna present a very special athlete that has everything to be one of the shining stars of this competition: Lambert Leclezio.

Lambert amazed us all last year when he competed against seniors on the World Equestrian Games and did an amazing job, finishing with the sixth position. He also got the Rising Star FEI Award in 2014.

Well, this year the young vaulter from Mauritius is going for a medal at the World Championships for Jrs.

We haven’t really had many news from him this year, but we know that unfortunatelly he lost his horse, Timothy, in april. His qualification for the championships actually came last year, following his good scores at the WEGs, so he haven’t been to the great CVIs in 2015 just yet.

Although he is very young, Lambert has been around for quite some time now. He started vaulting at the age of eleven, and was part of the FEI Solidarity Program, that helps bringing equestrian sports to countries that hold no tradition in the matter. And he has participated in main competitions since 2011.

Lambert has been improving his vaulting every year and we can see that through his results:

In 2011 he placed 16th at the Open European Championships for Jrs. In 2012 he managed to place 6th at the same competition. In 2013, already as a senior, he won the CVI Sydney.

If you wanna watch some cuteness, check out tiny Lambert competing in Le Mans in 2011:


That’s it guys, keep a weather eye for Lambert Leclezio, who promisses to be one of the tough contestants at the Jr World Championships, maybe bringing Mauritius to the podium.

Only nine days to go!


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