TBT: PDD class with Jasmin Lindner and Lukas Wacha

You all know Jasmin Lindner and Lukas Wacha, I suppose. Don’t you? Well, they are our reigning golden pdd in both WEGs and World Championships, they are also the current European Champions and want to defend their title in Aachen this year.
Well, we can probably say that we are still getting used to pdd, since it’s a category that was introduced to us officially in 2013,  but if you are looking for someone to teach you about it, these two really are known for giving a great class.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at some exquisite performances that shape what we know of Wacha and Lindner today.

1. The sharks and the fish

Before they started pdd, our duo was together on the team VG Pill as well. VG Pill was the Austrian team up to 2005 and then from 2008 to 2010, when both of them were part of the squad.
This freestyle was pretty mind blowing at the time and, speaking clearly, Jassi was a pretty important part of it, and so was Lukas. You can even find some of their signature moves in there. It was one of the first ever themed freestyles and it really stood out, although they ended up the worlds in 2008 with the silver medal.
Here is the link to watch it at our old friend Marc Shuirmann.

2. The season Lindner dressed as a flute

VG Pill was a pioneer in theatrical presentations, the under the sea freestyle already shows that. But their great victory and the top of their team’s career came in 2009 with the European title when they presented nothing else than “the horse symphonie” each member was an instrument and it was epic.

3. The beginning of the partnership
Now let’s go back to when it all begun, 2013. That was the first year they brought us their pdd.

4. Their first victory and the most impressive catsuits in history
If I could describe Jassi it would be: “the lady from the pretty catsuits”. I don’t know who designs VG Pills clothings, but this person has an incredible talent.
Apart from that, this is where we all learned what exactly a pdd could do.

We don’t get that many videos from Austria and back in 2012 it wasn’t different, the life of vaulting stalkers was much harder then, so I was there, rooting for the Americans and out of nowhere came these two guys from VG Pill and I actually had to catch my breath.
BTW: Do you recognize the last music? Go back to number one and take a look.

5. Your heart is a mess and so are ours.
It wasn’t that common for people to score nines and tens in vaulting up to some time ago. But last year they kinda invented it when they scored a ten for artistic score during the World Cup Final.

6. Nothing but a nine
Today, I think Jassi and Lukas would cry if they score under a nine ever again. during WEGs in 2014 they basically did two presentations and scored twice over 9.0


The moves are similar from one year to another. The freestyles are similar.
It proves that perfection is a habit.

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