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What do you think of these awesome graphics by the Brasilian artist Bia Cintra powered by VaultingNews? She was with this project with all her heart & I think we can see that in the lovely, very fluent & nearly moving drawings of her. Order the shirts now on Teezily!


Women shirts

Unisex / men shirts

TEEZILY is an online store that will print & ship your shirt.

YOU CAN ORDER WITHIN 20 DAYS in the online store of Teezily (not on The campaign will start on June, 28 and last till July 18, 2015. During that 20 days you can order the shirt. There is no possibility to order later.

IF WE REACHED THE GOAL of 3 orders after July 18, 2015 Teezily will print & ship your shirt. At that moment the money will be transfered. If the goal wasn’t reached, they won’t take your money & you won’t get a shirt. So spread the camapign & tell all your friends of these nice graphic shirts.

THERE ARE ONLY SHIRTS at the moment. In this particular campaign we only sell shirts in the colors you see. If we run another one in winter we will offer sweaters with other colors.

THEY SHIP TO MOST COUNTRIES IN EUROPE. If your country isn’t in the list, let them send it to me & I will pass it to you. You see this option during the paying process. Please send me a message with your adress.

THEY SHIP WHEN THEY’RE READY. The shirts will be printed after the 20 days of ordering. After that they will be shiped. This means, that it might take some time to get them from France, the home of Teezily, to you. Please, be patient.

WE CHOOSE THESE VAULTERS because we loved their perfomances at the world championships last year so much. We can’t say yet if there will be another campaign & neither who will be pictured. Maybe the next champions?

YOU CAN BUY THEM LIKE YOU SEE THEM. It isn’t possible to add a name or switch the print to the front. You can just buy the shirts like they are in the store.

WHEN YOU ORDER, YOU ENTER A CONTRACT WITH TEEZILY and not with us. VaultingNews is just doing the marketing. We accept no responsibility or liability arising from this contract, e. g. for the shirt, the print or the money. If you have problems with anything contact Teezily. (But a feedback to us would also be good, if we should work with them again.)

Thank you for reading VaultingNews & ordering a shirt.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.

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