It’s Official: The Swiss Championship Team In Videos

It isn’t fully completed yet, because the junior individuals have to attend one more selection trial next weekend. But all the others can plan their trip to Ermelo & Aachen now.

To be prepared for the Euopean & Wold Championship this summer in the Netherlands & Germany, we introduce you to the next nation Switzerland. Their seems to be only one other country done with their selections: the USA.


The squad for the world championships comes from Tösstal. Its member are: Kira Grundmann, Asarja Hunn, Nadja Lüber, Fabienne Muhs, Severine Neumeister, Saskia Rüegg, Rahel Schmucki & Corina Zehnder.

One of the females will be Sarah Linder (more to be announced next weekend).


Switzerland will be represented by Andrin Müller

& Lukas Heppler in Aachen.

For the first time Marina Mohar

& Nadja Büttiker will compete as individuals in international champonships.

The third placed of the world championships in 2014, Simone Jäiser, was also nominated for the Euopean championships 2014.

The senior pas de deux consists of Syra Schmid & Zoe Maruccio:

The squad is once more Lüttisburg with the theme “Swan Lake”:



We are only able to share these great vaulting videos with you because the awesome Swiss vaulters video tape a lot, yes a lot of freestyles for the vaulting world. Thank you so much for your effort! You find them under Voltige Videos on Youtube.

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