The Australian Vaulters Are Ready For Their European Adventure

The Australian junior vaulters of the Team Zelos showed their freestyle at the Queensland state championships & it is pretty neat. The members of the team come from 4 different states, which makes training pretty difficult. But they managed to meet nearly every weekend since February even if they had to fly 5 hours.

They might represent their continent at the world championships in August. The selection will be in the next weeks. Good luck!



I really like what we see in this video. All the exercises on the horse are done with so much tension, are secure & neat. For VaultingNews I watch a lot of videos & there I saw a lot of injuries this year.

Here is a big shout out to all vaulters: You are NOT done with your freestyle when you are in the air for your first or even last dismount. You are done when you left the arena. So please, prepare your landing, land with all your toes pointing to the canter direction of the horse & JUMP out of the ground!!!!!!

There are many dismounts in this freestyle where my heart stopped. It looks like, they trained their knees good, but vaulters, if you do that too often, your knees won’t forgive you.

Thank you.

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