CVI Austria: What we heard

Right now the CVI Austria is taking place. For the first time not in Stadl Pura but in Ebreichsdorf’s Magna Racino together with all other disciplines & much more events. Maybe you were able to watch the livestream but if not here are some information what happened & lots of stuff that wasn’t in the livestream. I am so sorry, that I am that late. That’s not how I imagine Vaulting News…


What is special about this CVI? It is the first selection trial for Austria. The second will take place June 19. – 21.

All the horses passed the vet check. That is a pretty good sign that vaulting is doing well.

Next we received the sad news that Stefan Csandl hurt himself so badly at the CVI Switzerland, when he landed on his hands instead of his feet, that his sinew of his finger ripped. As consequence he counldn’t compete as individual, in the squad & in the pas de deux. All of them are sidelined for six months.


Juniors: Niklas Lutzky (Austria) was in front after the freestyle but had some trouble with the stands in his freestyle so he fell back to rank three & Gregor Klehe from Germany took the lead. The females look like there is only Austria taking part. Nicole Kribisch was leading after the first compulsory & freestyle. The best German is Julia Sperl, now on eight. The squads are clearly lead by Club 43 (Austria) who vault to music of prince & wear the fitting outfit. Second is another Austrian team, Pill, & third the Slovaks.

Seniors: Wildegg had the top compulsory, then came Ingelsberg. Lazio of the Germans wasn’t that safe & they ran out of time so that the last dismount was a zero. Pill refused to do the dismounts because of the hard ground. It is only treated with a roller what isn’t perfect for vaulting.

Isabel Fiala has a really new horse. He is doing vaulting for only a few months but the three of them managed to reach rank seven after compulsory. Katharina Luschin is on first, Regina Burgmayr (Germany) & Eva Nagiller on second & third. Lisa Wild’s freestyle was just a fourth place.


We were so curious about the new freestyle of Evelyn Freund & Stefanie Millinger. They went all the way to Canada to train with Cirque du Soleil but unfotunately was hurt on her cross band during the winter so that they couldn’t train the new exercises, so they showed the old freestyle. They are second behind Lukas Wacha & Jasmin Lindner.

Katharina Luschin showed an amazing freestyle to “Life of a orse”. Lisa Wild was also very good but without a theme, she took the lead.

Ingelsberg has new outfits, unfortunatly I have no more information yet. The senior team of Pill has these scary catsuits but a new horse. That might be the reason why they had to triples with a small flyer

All the results are here.


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