It is official, these judges will decide the Junior World Championship

The first junior world champion in individual, pairs and squads will be decided in August by nine judges. They were announced by the FEI last week & coming from nine nations. The judges will be:

  • Mr. Rob de Bruin (Netherlands)
  • Mrs. Anna Kull (Switzerland)
  • Mrs. Anita Flamand (Austria)
  • Mrs. Carina Ingelsson (Sweden)
  • Mrs. Martine Fournaise (France)
  • Mr. John Eccles (Great Britain)
  • Mrs. Ute Schoenian (Germany)
  • Mrs. Elzbieta Dolinska (Poland, Reserve)
  • Mr. Craig Coburn (USA)

So far, so good. But why that number & where did they come from?

The FEI rules (page 27) plan the following judge combination in a world championship:

Eight Judges

five 3* (or above) Judges and min three 4* Judges (PGJ) appointed by FEI

max two from one country min 6 countries represented on the panel

The stars are the different ratings by the FEI which they receive after they took an exam. The FEI can choose them from a list of more than 30 judges. That’s interesting, because it appears to me, that we see the same ones at every competition.

John Eccles couldn’t judge the juniors during the last years, because he lunged most times but this season he competed only with the seniors.

If you want to atend the first Junior World Championships ever, buy your tickets on soon. With 40€ for all days they offer a great deal.

Adele Feuerstein

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