Austrian vaulters 2015

In some way, mostly before a Championship, you don’t see a lot of videos of the Austrian vaulters. And that while Austria is one of the best vaulting countries in the world. Just think about the great pas-de-deux pairs: Lukas Wacha and Jasmin Lindner, Stefan Csandl and Theresa Thiel, and Evelyn Freund and Stefanie Millinger.

These are the most recent videos of the three pairs who probably will compete for the tickets in Aachen this year:

Jasmin Lindner and Lukas Wacha, CVI Portogruaro 2015 (Italy):

Stefan Csandl and Theresa Thiel, 2. NÖ cup Obersiebenbrunn 2015 (Austria):

Evelyn Freund and Stefanie Millinger, World Cup Salzburg 2014 (Austria):

Unfortunately, Evelyn Freund had an injury, making it not possible to compete at the World Cup Finals in Graz a few months ago. But fortunately, they are back in business and already scored some high scores at national competitions and won the CVI Hungary 2015!
Their team colleague Lisa Wild, who is the World Cup Final winner, is also a favourite for the Europeans in Aachen this year. No videos of her new freestyle are found yet, but a news video about the 2. Salzburg cup at their stables can be found here:
2. Salzburg Cup 2015

And some videos of the CVI Portogruaro 2015 from three Austrian teams:

Other leading ladies in the Austrian senior field are Katharina Luschin and Daniela Fritz, who both competed individually and in the team at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy last year. Here are videos of their freestyles at the 3. NÖ cup in Himberg/Gutenhof (Austria):

And here the last video of Stefan Csandl at the 3. NÖ cup in Himberg/Gutenhof (Austria), who is competing this weekend in Switzerland:

It will be some big competition at the first selection trial in Austria during the CVI Ebreichsdorf, especially in the senior female rubric. Not only Lisa Wild, Daniela Fritz and Katharina Luschin are candidates for the tickets in Aachen, but also junior European Champion Eva Nagiller, Franziska Fieg and Sabine Kuntner who both represented Austria in 2013, Anaïs Kristofics-Binder, European Champion in 2012 and Alina Barosch who won silver at the junior Europeans last year, will definitively provide competition.
In the junior female category, some new faces will appear at the first ever Junior World Championships in Ermelo, while only Nicole Kirbisch is still a junior.
For the full list of participants see: Participants CVIO Ebreichsdorf 2015

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