Infographic: The ultimate guide to FEI’s qualification rules

So, this has been a pretty remarkable beginning for the 2015 vaulting season. We have already had 4 big CVIs and people all over are trying to qualify for the first ever World Championships for Jrs, that promises to be a pretty huge event. The competition will happen in august in Ermelo, Netherlands but, until then, we will still be seeing a lot of action from our jr vaulters.

We also have the Europeans coming up, so  athletes from the old continent are also competing and finding ways to qualify.

But, do you know exacly what are the rules for these big competitions?

Do you know the difference between all the CVIs?

We have decided to tell you everything there is to know. But remember: Each country has it’s own set of internal rules. In the USA they seem to love selection trials because there is one every month. In The Netherlands the team needs to score a 6.8 at a first round, and there is a minimun score for the horse as well. So these are the international rules, but qualifying is not that easy.

Check out our infographic:

FEI Rules (1)FEI Rules (1)


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