How far are the Germans with their selection trial?

This year a Junior World & a Senior European Championship will be held. A lot of vaulters are on their selection trial right now to be part of these two amazing events. We kept you updated about the US American trial so far & will now take a look on the Germans, last year’s senior squad champions.

The whole German selection trial started in January already. Then most of the potential representatives had their first international appearances. Who is still in the race?


5 teams, 11 females & 4 males are on a long list & invited to compete at the “price of the best” next weekend in Warendorf. The squads will be selected May 10, probably. The individuals & pas de deux follow at the German Championship in July.

Club Video or Pictures Competition Score
Brakel Freestyle in April CVI Belgium 7.007
Ingelsberg CVI Italy 7.469
Neuss-Grimlinghausen Video CVI Belgium CVI Belgium 7.812
Schenkenberg Pictures of the first selection trial Local competition in Schenkenberg 7,177 (only ONE freestyle)
Male Competition Score
Gregor Klehe CVI Italy 6.794
Konstantin Näser CVI Belgium (J1*) 6.917
Leon Hüsgen
Tim Andrich CVI Belgium 7.131

Nominated females are

Female Competition Score
Anne Schmitz
Ayleen Weise
Caroline Recordt CVI Belgium 6.849
Chiara Congia
Franziska Peitzmeier CVI Belgium 7.503
Katrin Meyer
Leonie Tovote
Mara Xander
Natascha van der Schelde
Nina Rauls
Sofia Hahner


The seniors are going to be selected at the CVIO in Verden in June. We saw Neuss & Ingelsberg so far but also some individuals. Isn’t it amazing, how close the top teams are? In addition, we saw Lütisburg (Switzerland) with an 8.134 & Écuries de la Cigogne (France) with an 8.084 in the current season. It will be a head to head race.

Club Video Competition Score
Ingelsberg CVI Italy CVI Italy 8.035
Mainz-Laubenheim Local Competition in Bad Ems 7,337
Neuss-Grimlinghausen CVI Belgium CVI Belgium 8.003

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