CVI Pacific Cup: Videos and News

This has been a busy busy week for the vaulting world. The CVI Belgium might have been one of the biggest vaulting competitions ever, with over 130 horses signed up to participate and our belgium friends at Vygo Magazine did a wonderful job with the livestream of the whole thing. We also had regional championships all around to worry about.

But there was another big event that we couldn’t miss. Our american friends hosted a huge CVI, with participants from Mexico, Canada and the USA, that also worked as a third selection trial for the Jr World Championships.

Concerning the teams, Woodside of Oz has the lead of the selection trials, winning every leg up to now. Rachel Polati, who plays Dorothy on their current freestyle, wrote us to tell you how they have been doing:

“We just finished our third selection trial at CVI Gilroy, placing first. We have two more selection trials left to determine who goes to Worlds Juniors. As for our team, we are looking good as long as everyone stays healthy and injury free Our training is going good, we are working on little things like choreography and refining transitions.” Rachel Polati
We are working hard on getting more information for you. In the mean time, check out these amazing video put together by Kristian Roberts with some highlights:


There is also a video of Kaleb Patterson’s full presentations. The american jr vaulter has just qualified to the World Jr Champions, to be held in the Netherlands this year. (Good Job Kaleb!)

Americans are showing their jr strenght. Here is Tessa Divita:

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