CVI Belgium Recap

We at Vaulting News couldn’t watch the livestream of the CVI Belgium, but we collected some information & opinions that we want to share with you. (Updated May 3rd, 15:3o.)

Junior Squads**

Neuss Junior won the freestyle with 0.5 more points than the second place the German team Brakel (who were at the Europeans last year). Neuss had such a secure freestyle & very creative, original movements, that they clearly won the round. Their theme is a “Travel Trough Time” with grey catsuits. Krumke made it to rank three with their good freestlyle followed by two Swiss teams.

Senior Squads***

The winner of the freestyle was Écuries de la Cigogne with a 8.538 what brought them the overall lead. The second best freestyle showed the Scottish Equestrian Vaulting Team, which was also very good in the compulsories. With Joanne Eccles they are on the third rank now. Because of the best compulsory Neuss hold rank two. Fourth is the team Roy Rogers from the Netherlands.

Neuss kept the outfits from last year but pimped them. The theme is “Landing on the earth” with an instrumental song.

Individual Senior*** Men

After the retirement of Jaques Ferrari & Nicolas Andreani we were curious who will follow. In Belgium it is another Frenchman: Clement Taillez is in the lead infront of Jannis Drewell & another Frenchman Vincent Haennel. Victor Brüsewitz isn’t competing but Thomas Brüsewitz is fourth.

Individual Senior*** Female

I didn’t saw many vaulters, but Simone Jäiser was so impressive! Such a dynamic freestyle on a reliable horse. Kudos!

Individual Senior*** Technical Test

The rotation from a forward kneeling to a backward standing is no easy task. Some vaulters couldn’t stand it. The same with the backwards needle. As non judge it looked like a lot of vaulters didn’t do the excercise what brought them a cero. Hannah Eccles repeated the jump, what brought her the third place after the tech test. Who also convinced with the technical test were the Swiss Simone Jäiser & the German Theresa Sophie Bresch.

Pas de deux Senior***

Engelberty & Jacobs performed a similar freestyle as last year but as vampires. Pia bit Torben. In this competition the Frenchman are also new. Chevrel & Chevrel surprised us with a second place infront of Swiss & the Sneekes sisters. Van Gerven & Grün fell.


Last year you got one point deduction of your overall freestyle score if the horse was empty. Now judge B & D substract one point of their scores what makes 0.5 points in the end. This rule affected Neuss senior, because Johannes, Mona & Pauline left the horse. The former idea of the overall deduction was to make thescores more transparent. Now it isn’t visible anymore if someone fell.


Some horses had to held their head clealy behind the vertical. Others could elongoate. But all in all the horses made a good impression.


I am impressed by the French effort of the last years. They had participants in every competition & scored really well. The right way to go! Also the Brits are very present in the vaulting world now. Furthermore there where 15 nationalities , including Luxemburg, Australia & Japan.


Pictures: Fotoina, Arjen van der Spek

If you know more than us please tell us or correct us.

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