Second Selection Trial in the US for the Junior World Championship

In the USA the selection trial for the first junior world championship has already begun a few weeks ago with the first competition near Washington. Now the second was hold in Somis, California. We are happy, that Kristian Roberts sent us a summery plus that Diana Sutera & Rachel K. Mow provided us with many pictures.

The Mozart Memorial selection trial was quite spectacular with a few changes in the placement since the last trial in Lynden, Washington. This time, everyone traveled to Somis, California where the second US selection trial was held. Mozart kicks off a series of nearly back to back competitions that will test the endurance of these athletes as they compete for those top spots which will put them on the US Vaulting team headed to Ermelo in August.

Tessa Divita of Woodside Vaulters showed strong performances in both rounds in the women’s junior division in Somis this past weekend, finding herself in 1st place after a long day of competition. She finished with an overall score of a 7.444, giving her a two meet average of 7.416 putting her in first place so far this summer. Rounding out the top 5 this past weekend were:

  • Siddartha Kreaden 6.937
  • Michelle Guo 6.894
  • Bodhi Hall 6.779
  • Margaret Long 6.728
Sid Kraeden Picture by Diana Suetera Mow
Sid Kraeden
Picture by Diana Sutera Mow

In the men’s individual junior division, Kaleb Patterson of Warm Beach Vaulters once again topped the leaderboard with an overall score of a 6.913 after Saturday’s competition. He also won the Lynden selection trial back in March with a 7.015 overall score, giving him an average of 6.964, first place in the ranking so far. Rounding out the top 5 men:

  • Colton Palmer 6.721
  • Luke Overton 6.672
  • Erich Roher 5.744
  • Jim Roedel 5.557

In the junior Pas de Deux division, Sarah Dunn and Janie Salisbury of Woodside Vaulters found themselves in 1st place with a 7.249 overall score. They are closely followed by Haley Smith and Carlee Heger of Mile High Vaulters with a 6.787, as well as Michelle Guo and Bodhi Hall of Mt. Eden Vaulters with a 6.474.

Sarah Dunn and Janie Salisbury Picture by Diana Sutera Mow
Sarah Dunn and Janie Salisbury
Picture by Diana Sutera Mow

For the Junior team division, Woodside Vaulters again top the list with their junior team which scored a 7.200 overall score, followed by Mile High Vaulters with a 5.900.

Woodside Picture by Diana Sutera Mow
Picture by Rachael Mow

Coming up this weekend is the CVI Hollister, or Pacific Cup as it is known here in the US where the juniors will be giving it their all in order to get their FEI certificates of capability; their golden tickets to the FEI Junior World Championships in Ermelo, Netherlands. These qualifications can come down to thousandths of a point. Will they get the scores they need? Who will challenge the leaders? We’ll find out this weekend in the CVI Pacific Cup, right here in Hollister, California.

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