CVI Frenštát With A World Champion Surprise

Jacques Ferrari won the golden medal at the World Equestrian Games in 2014 and, shortly after that, he announced his retirement. We were so sad about it at the time, but it shouldn’t have been because, since then, we’ve had a fine share of Jacques in different vaulting surprises. Just like it was promised, during the beginning of the year we saw a lot of Noroc action, between shows and competitions.

The CVI Frenštát is one of the hit competitions for this first semester, it will take place in June in Czech Republic. It is always nice to take a look on the webpage & Facebook of this event, because they have such a cool layout & public relations activity. This year they shot a cool teaser:

But they left one thing out that the vaulting world nearly missed: among some well known judges we found a well known, but very surprising, name in the schedule.

Jacques Ferrari, CVI Frenštát

Yes, it is Jacques Ferrari! Just like Dietmar Otto (GER) & Mathias Lang (FRA), all European & World Champions, he took the step to become an international judge.

To become an international judge, you need to be a national judge. And yes, he achieved that in 2014 & has judged some competitions in France. The next step to a FEI judge are the sit-ins, to watch an FEI judge, plus “shadow judging”, where you train to value the exercises.

Of course, he already did that!

He confirmed, that he will participate in the next possible FEI course to become a FEI judge.

Adele Feuerstein

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