One song, one pair of socks but two freestyles

It is this time of the vaulting year, the time of waiting & hoping for a sneak peek into the new routines. Thanks to the world cup one or two secrets were lifted. We have no videos yet, but the hardcore fans in the VaultingNews team don’t miss a thing. So first we were surprised about the outfits of the Germans Viktor Brüsewitz & Kristina Boe (I am a very bad freestyle guesser, so vaulting in their pyjama’s was the first idea). And then we found a little detail on Andrea Fuchshumer’s pictures:

Kristina Boe & Viktor Brüsewitz sharing a pair of socks. Pictures by Andrea Fuchshumer.
Kristina Boe & Viktor Brüsewitz sharing a pair of socks.

We couldn’t let this pass by and talked to Kristina! She was so friendly and explained their new routines to us:

“So, first of all, evrything isn’t like I imagined it to be in the end. Before Christmas I had a ligament rupture and I still have a training deficit. Nevertheless I wanted to get the new program starting.

Here are some thoughts about the new freestyle: I like it, to reinvent myself every year, that’s why I try to do something really different from the year before.”

We continued our guessing game, is it the Hunger Games?

“No, it isn’t the Hunger Games, I would love to do it, but it is too close to Bellatrix (strong, militant, dark). Maybe sometime… That thing with feeling free is very close.

Viktor & I are vaulting to “Der Weg ” by Herbert Grönemeyer. I want to develop an ultimate dancing freestyle. Since 8.5 out of 10 females are vaulting to ballads / solemn music, I had the problem to implement it without getting lost in the shuffle. So the idea that came to me was the principle less is more, something plain. And being the opposite of the trend, of more and more lace cloth, rhinestones, make up, glitter, etc. Simply less artificial.

I orientated on the elements, the choreography & also on the outfit of Contemporary Dance. This dance style is with the body written emotions to me & that’s my aim / wish /dream for this freestyle. That’s why I chose this song, it is pure emotion to me without being artificial. Pooh… it is difficult to explain.”

So, you two really vault to the same music?

“Yes, that might be the biggest experiment on the new routine. I don’t know how it comes across. It might backfire. But for me and Vik it creates a connection that is good for us. And the idea of the same music interpreted by two so different vaulters is very exciting for us.”

You were hurt during the winter. There are lots of injuries lately.

“Hmm, I can talk about me only, and it is the first injury in all this years that’s more than a sprained knee or foot. I can’t complain. During the backwards needle of the new technical test I fell very hard. It was a miracle that I didn’t break more.”

We are so curious about these freestyles and can’t wait to watch the videos. We wish Kristina & Viktor good luck for the season 2015.

For those of you who can’t wait to hear it, here is the song “Der Weg” (The Way) by Herbert Grönemeyer from 2002, to which Vik and Tina will present their freestyle:

Update: It is December now and there are some videos of the two freestyles. Some elements are similar. In the end two different interpretations.

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