Videos “Voltigier Trophy Süd” 2015 In Offenburg

Last weekend the Voltigier Trophy Süd took place in Offenburg as part of the Baden Classics. The VTS is one of Germany’s most traditional competitions and it’s consisted of a three legged cup to which teams of southern Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland are allowed to participate, as well as a few outside invitations from around that area.

It is a freestyle only competition, and, for the third time, Lütisburg won this event.

Their freestyle is nearly the same as the one they presented last year:

The team from Köln scored a second place. And, as we told you last week, they presented a new team constellation for the 2015 season and also a new freestyle. Check it out:

We are dying to know what you think.

Rank 3: Écuries de la Cigogne

Rank 4: Nordheim, Germany
They scored 8.199 points. We linked them last year when they competed in Saumur but since then they were forgotten. Wrongfully!

Rank 5: Metelen, Germany

Rank 6: CIM, Italy


Lütisburg is currently one of the top teams in the world. They scored a silver medal on the World Equestrian Games in 2014 and a golden one on the World Championships in 2012.

Köln is one of the most traditional vaulting clubs in Germany, although they are usually running behind the two main teams (Neuss and Ingelsberg) on the squad competitions. Köln is yet one of the strongest clubs, being the home of Kai Vorberg, one of the greatest vaulters ever, and new stars like the PDD Pia Engelberty and Torben Jacobs and individual vaulter Corinna Knauf.

Last season the team from Köln ended up losing their flyer in the middle of the season, so this is the first time we have a demonstration of them vaulting in full power, now that Jonna Hohbach is back to the team.

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