Interview by Vygo: Director Alexander Wolfram

As we reported this week, Frank Mercelis published his single. The scene takes place in a vaulting circle. This was very surprising because neither the singer nor the director never heard of this sport. So, there were many questions about it. The director of the clip, Alexander Wolfram, gave an interview to the Belgian online magazine Vygo, which they translated for Vaulting News. Thank you so much!

We recently noticed some nice pictures on Facebook of the video clip. The first question that comes to my mind: why vaulting for this clip?

I was playing with the idea to do something with a secret relationship between an older man and a much younger woman. For a reason I don’t know anymore, I wanted to locate that relationship in the equestrian world, show jumping or dressage. Looking for inspiration, I began to watch some videos of both disciplines, and bumped into vaulting. I had never seen the sport before, but it intrigued me right away. It’s an unusual sport, very impressive, but unfortunately not very known.

The combination of a strong horse and the sensual figures that vaulters create is very… sexy. That’s why it makes such a good fit with the theme of this first single from Frank Mercelis “Laat ons deze nacht”. From the moment I wanted to do something with vaulting, the concept became very clear.

You worked together with the Flemish vaulter Lauren Vanlerberghe, was that an obvious choice, because she’s not the only vaulter in Belgium of course?

I mentioned it before, I had no knowledge of vaulting. So, I googled, looking for a young vaulter. Dozens of movies and vaulters reached my eye, but when I saw Lauren, i knew instantly, that’s the one! She’s not only good looking, but above all, she has a very strong and unique appearance. I contacted her via Facebook, arranged an appointment and it didn’t take long before we (Frank and I) sat together with her, her parents and Konraad Vergauwen, Lauren’s lunger. We told what we had spinning through our minds and right away, everyone was very enthusiastic.

How did the shoot go? Working with a horse that has its own personality, not the easiest of challenges?

The shoot was very tough, the reason was mainly because we worked at night. It had to be completely dark and because there’s always some light shining through a riding hall, we had to wait till the sun went down. We filmed till 7 AM… at 4 AM Lauren and Strawinski’s (he horse) job was finished. Before we started, I was worried if Strawinski would handle that kind of work, so late in the evening. But everything went fine!

We took some breaks so Strawinski could rest, but at one moment I felt pity for the horse. Strawinski’s eyes were half closed and he looked so tired. Lauren told me that, the day after, he just sat down for a whole day, not his usual behavior at all. It wouldn’t surprise me if Lauren sat down for a whole day as well. The day before we filmed the video clip, she partied till 4 AM, celebrating her birthday. But I couldn’t tell when we were filming, she’s tough!

Did vaulting make a lasting impression after that shoot? Would you like to pay a visit to a CVI for example?

Yes, I became very fond of this discipline. In such a way that I want to do more with this sport, it’s so visually attractive. I know that there is a movement that wants to approve vaulting as an Olympic discipline, and I want to know if I can contribute to that as a director. What? Well, I’ve something in my mind, but I won’t give too much away right know.

I also made a resolution to ride a horse myself one day, something I never did and that’s a shame, really. Maybe I can try a handstand? All jokes aside, the horse in general, has really captivated me… what a thing of beauty! So, I hope that in the future, there will be more horse in my life… Yes, more horse please!

By the way, can I mention QC Stables (Sint-Niklaas), the riding school where we filmed the video clip? We were so lucky to be able to film there, it’s a beautiful building. A crossing between gigantic, Swiss chalet and a cowboy saloon. It’s a place where you immediately feel at home. The manager – Johan Vermeulen – is such a nice guy, so hospitable. Merci Johan, may the horse be with you!



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