Interview: Evelyn Freund About Pas De Deux & Cirque Du Soleil

Just last week we talked here at Vaulting News about Evelyn Freund and Stefanie Milinger, one of Austria’s promising Pas de Deux. Well, rumour had it that the duo flew to Canada and trained with Cirque du Soleil. We confirmed this information with Freund and also got an exclusive insight into their trip and managed to ask a few extra questions in the meantime.

Check it out:

1. Pas des Deux is quite a new category. Tell us a little bit of how you and Stefanie came to vault together and about what you think of the evolution of vaulting pairs so far. 

Since 2009 Stefanie and I vault together on the team (Salzburg). Then in autum 2011 our team Coach Brigitte biberger asked us if we wanted to try pas de deux together. In the Beginning we werent very happy about it but she insisted we should try it and so we trained together and won our first international competition in december 2011, the CVI Pappas Amadeus Horse Indoors in Salzburg. We thougt our combination could work and since then we train together. In autum 2013 our pas des deux coach, Alexandra Oedl, went to Africa and so we started training with Roswitha Haigermoser. Now the three of us with our horse Robin and our lunger Nina rossin are a very good, hard working team. The Evolution of pairs happened very fast in a high level and i think its Not the end so far. Pas de deux is now the youngest discipline in the fei World Cup and I think thats a great and important step for our discipline and the Sport as well.

2.  How was the experience of vaulting with Cirque du Soleil? How did you guys end up getting in contact with them?

A good friend of our club, Georg Daxner, who is also involved in the circus world, helped us getting the two weeks training camp. We are very thankful! The two weeks training were hard on one side but on the other side it was a great experience and we could get a close view to the circus life!

“Another different thing from our training at home was “acting classes”. You have to open your mind and body and be creative, I think that can help us on the horse. ” Said Evelyn Freund.

3.  What have you learned during this trip? How do you think it contributes to your vaulting? 

We learned a lot of Hand to Hand Tricks and had a very good handstand training. Also gymnastics and stretching were big points in our timetable. Another different thing from our training at home was “acting classes”. You have to open your mind and body and be creative, I think that can help us on the horse. But the problem is that we cannot do of many gymnastic or acrobatics things we learned in our freestyle on the horse because its a big difference between how you have to hold and fix each other when there is a Moving horse under your feet and when it’s just a normal floor.

4. What are your plans for 2015? What new surprises can we expect from you guys for the season?

Our next step in 2015 is the woldcup final and then our big goal is the qualification for the European Championship in Aachen in August 2015. And what suprises can you expect? Let yourselves be surprised.


Well, while we wait to be surprised by what these amazing ladies will show us in 2015, we can all watch their flawless performance at the Munich Indoors in 2014, just click here and be amazed.


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