They Flew To Canada To Train With Cirque Du Soleil

We saw lots of Cirque du Soleil freestyles. Who can forget Austria in 2006? (To me one of the most remarkable performances ever). Or Austria again in 2010… Well, Austria strikes once more. The pair Stefanie Millinger & Evelyn Freund, one of the top pas des deux in 2014, flew to Canada & trained with the acrobats of Cirque du Soleil.

Wow! How cool is that? I wonder what they have in minds to show us in 2015.

But on the other hand, how expensive gets vaulting? How can it remain a youth sport without big sponsors? Does it have to remain a youth sport? What is the limit?

I am looking forward to watching those two perform this year.

Read about their year in the Horsetalk from New Zealand.

Do you know another link with more details?

Adele Feuerstein

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