Poll Results: It is Kiwis Vaulting Team!

When we thought about the teams we should nominate we were always sure, that Neuss would win this poll. But our international readers disproved this thesis with impressive votes for the Kapiti Vaulting Team from New Zealand. I am glad that vaulting became so global.

Congratulations for the win of VaultingNews poll to the team of 2014! You did such a great job at the World Equestrian Games. Keep it up!

The race between France & Neuss was very close & exciting. In the end only ten votes were missing for France to the second place.

We couldn’t nominate all teams, so we provided the opportunity to add some names. That are the teams your hearts beat for:

13 Votes: Club 43 (Austria)

7 Votes: Wildegg (Austria), SVEA (Sweden)

6 Votes: Köln (Germany)

3 Votes: Canada

2 Votes: Kapiti (New Zealand), Salzburg-Freisaal (Austria), Mainz-Laubenheim (Germany), Thommysminde (Denmark), Salzburg-Wals (Austria)

1 Vote: South Africa, Birkenhof (Germany), Büren (Germany), Alberta (Canada), France, Stoltera (Germany), Hungen (Germany), Augsburg (Germany), Roy Rogers (Netherlands), Brakel (Germany), Mühlacker (Germany)

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.

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