WEG – Individual Finals – Results and Highlights

What have we seen today? If it isn’t great vaulting, I don’t know what it is.

With one test left (Squad Finals) we can clearly see a padron at the championships: A lot of competition from 2 to 5th place and world gold medalists setting and stablishing their dominance clearly with high scores of over 9 points.

It was like that for the Pas des Deux, with Lukas Wacha and Jasmin Lindner, and it was like that for individuals.



Personally I was expecting to see someone pose a higher threat to Joanne Eccles, but she made it quite difficult after scoring a 9,119 today.

I am under the impression that, while men are going for more theatrical and expressive presentations, women are more and more investing on strong and technical performances, which is good. But I still like Kristina Boe’s freestyle because she is very dramatical.

Joanne Eccles, for instance, has a very technical and well executed freestyle, but she doesn’t really worries about telling a story. She just worries about being perfect on her every move (and it’s the same with her pas des deux freestyle)

But I also think that, at this level of difficulty and quality it’s all just a matter of opinion, since all of the top girls did very well and ALL of our favorite players scored over an 8 as their final results (the difference between Anna Cavallaro (2nd place) and Rikke Laumann (4th place) was just 0,067).

Speaking of Rikke Laumann, this is her last World Championships, for sure, and maybe her last international competition. After an almost 20 years career, Rikke will be remembered as one of the most successful vaulters all time. She was silver medallist at the WEGs in Jerez de la Frontera, 2002, silver in 2004 in Stadl Paura, overcame a severe injury in 2006 and was  bronze in Le Mans 2012. But, in the end Rikke never scored the gold medal for a world championship. To her, that might leave a bitter taste, but, to us, she is certainly one of the best vaulters in history. Her compulsories are probably one of the strongest ever presented by a lady.

Ladies to watch in the future:

  • Elizabeth Ioannou – young vaulter from the USA who just turned 18, came in 10th place today.
  • Dani Fritz – European Jr champion, didn’t do a great competition, but shows clear potential after a great freestyle today.
  • Corinna Knauf – This is her first Worlds as a senior vaulter, and she was competing with the top stars all the way through the end.


The male competition was a little bit more intense this year than the female competition. Like I said in the begginning, it seems like the boys are really taking up on the whole interpretation thing.

Stefan Csandl did a very expressive freestyle, interpretating a zombie. Unfortunatelly this wasn’t his year, and he had a little bit of horse trouble today and fell off on wednesday ending with a 14th place.

The Brüssewitz brothers are very creative as well, they started the competition with great compulsories on tuesday but fell behind across the technical tests. Viktor, in particular, was in third place untill yesterday, when he had trouble. But they are both very young, and we will surely hear about them and their energetic performances in the future.

Another great stars of the championships, that I have already talked about, were two boys who just left jr level: Adam Lukac and Lambert Eclezzio, they placed 8th and 6th place respectively. Eclezzio made a perfect competition from day one and impressed everyone on his every performance, the young athlete from Mauritius is technically still a jr and will be competing at the Junior World Championships next year.

As for the more obvios highlights of the morning… Erik Oese silently made his way to a medal, starting off in 5th place on tuesday he grew bit by bit untill his flawless performance today that gave him the second position of the round and third overall.

Nicolas Andreani and Jacques Ferrari went for a private french battle over the top two positions. Since the very beginning Nicolas was trying to catch Jacques, but he never did. Today Jacques was absolutely perfect and scored even higher than Joanne with a 9,166.

Jacques has a style of his own that is unparalleled in the vaulting world. He is excentric yet flawless and extremely technical.

There are the final results:

For the boys

1 Joanne Eccles 8,718
2 Anna Cavallaro 8,483
3 Simone Jäiser 8,433
4 Rikke Laumann 8,416
5 Mary Mccormick 8,122
6 Kristina Boe 8,104
7 Corinna Knauf 8,008
8 Anne Sophie 7,993
9 Hannah Eccles 7,818
10 Elisabeth Ioannou 7,795
11 Lucy Phillips 7,730
12 Jasmin Gipperich 7,701
13 Daniela Fritz 7,548
14 Elizabeth Bieri 7,386
15 Carola Sneekers 7,361


For the boys

1 Jacques Ferrari – 8,629
2 Nicolas Andreani – 8,498
3 Erik Oese – 8,483
4 Thomas Brüsewitz 8,256
5 Viktor Brüsewitz 8,132
6 Lambert Eclezio – 8,078
7 Vincent Haennel – 7,980
8 Adam Lukac- 7,794
9 Lukas Heppler 7,583
10 Lukas Wacha – 7,518
11 Kristian Roberts – 7,378
12 Gabe Aniello 7,359
13 Lukas Klouda – 7,266
14 Stephan Csandl – 7,129
15 Cyril Michel – 6,996


Simone Jäiser scored a third place today, behind Anna Cavallaro and Joanne Eccles.
Joanne and her classical one hand handstand.
Jacques Ferrari during his last practice before the presentation.


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