The pair of the hour… Jasmin and Lukas practicing their freestyle on the first day of competition… It takes practice to score a 9 overall score… that’s for sure.

Hi everyone, I am sorry I didn’t appear here yesterday. I got busy with the facebook page.

So, we just had a great morning with Pas des Deux freestyle.

Lukas Wacha and Jasmin Lindner hold tight to the post of number one pas des deux, and they are not letting it go anytime soon. The scores they hit yesterday and today were totally unbelievable. Scoring 9s should not and it is not the rule in vaulting, but they managed to do it twice. Just Amazing. (Sometimes I forget Jasmin’s name and call her “The girl with the pretty costumes” because she just has the prettiest catsuits ever)

I am a big fan of the people from Cologne, I always have been. In 2007 I had the opportunity to watch them in Aachen and I actually cried at the end of the second day, when they performed a flawless freestyle. So I was very very happy about Gera and Justin’s freestyle, that has the same theme and the same costume as the one in 2007.

They were third last year at the Junior European Championships, they went to the WEGs knowing that they were a long shot, but yesterday they made an almost perfect freestyle and managed to get a second place. I actually found myself almost crying again. They performed the freestyle of their lives yesterday. Today they almost repeated it… but, at the very end, both of them missed the timing of their dismounts and jumped out of the horse.  Which, in a first moment, the judges thought it looked like a fall and discounted 1 point leaving the pair in 5th place. Later on they came back on their decision, so Gera and Justin ended in 4th place.

If yesterday Pia and Torben made a few mistakes, today they simply didn’t make any mistakes. And managed to hit second place. A well deserved position for a duo who has been working together for a long time now and deserves the recognition.

Hannah Eccles have a nice freestyle, but I think it needs more spice. I liked that they used Robert Frost’s poem as a music, that’s very original.

Another pitty today was Evelyn Freund and Stefanie Millinger’s fall at the very end of their freestyle. They  also suffered the one point deduction. I think this deduction story is still a bit confused… Twice it’s been revogued during this WEGs already (Remembering the 1st squad freestyle when the USA fell and almost didn’t qualify for the finals).

That’s about it, we had awesome presentations for the Pas des Deux, I think it’s great that people are really investing in Pas des Deux. It’s a lot of fun to watch and very creative vaulting it’s great that there are so many pairs.


These are the final results:

1 (AUT) Jasmin Lindner and Lukas Wacha 9,053
2 (GER) Pia Engelberty and Torben Jacobs 8,606
3 (GBR) Joanne and Hannah Eccles 8,575
4.(GER) Gera Grün and Justin Van Gerven 8,497
5. (USA) Cassidy and Kimberly Palmer 8,150
6 (AUT) Evelyn Freund and Stefanie Millinger 7,9125
7 (USA) Mary Garett and Kristian Roberts 7,886
8 (CAN) Brooke Boyd and Todd Griffiths 7,676
9 (NED) Carola and Esther Sneekes 7,429
10 (CAN) Angelique and Jeanine Van der Sluijs 6,904
11 (HUN) Blanka Németh and Kornélia Ács 5,988
12 *HUN) Réka Gadolla and Ágnes Király 5,892


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