WEG – Final Results and Highlights – Individual Compulsories

So, to wrap up the day, let’s talk about today’s individuals.

I have a few points I would like to add, and I will post the results for the compulsories in the end.

1) The first point regards the ladies: The other day Megan Benjamin posted something on her facebook about how it is incredible the evolution that has surrounded female vaulters in the past 8 years. Today, scissors in the handstand are the rule, not the exception. We can now see women hitting the handstand on their mounts which is also new. That is very good and proves that ladies are not weaker, they just need the proper training and they can also do cool stuff and hit new standards.

2) Another point that I will like to add regards the young vaulters: We saw a lot of kids who just left the junior categories bringing great presentations and results, like Dani Fritz, who got 10th place today. That is an awesome result of the investments we saw in the basis competitions in Europe. Unfortunatelly it’s impossible not to remember the fact that there are no organized junior competitions in Latin America, for an example, or world championships for juniors (yet).

Interesting reminder: Lambert Leclezzio came in 10th today but, technicaly is still a junior! What a great result for this young talent!

3) This reminds me of another point I would like to make: We don’t have individual competitors from South America this year, which is not a good sign for the sport in these venues. (Just remembering that the 3 squads from South America didn’t make the qualifying zone up to this point, so they might not make it to the final round). But we have squads from Africa, America and Oceania qualifying which is great news! Next time I wanna see some asians! (I am not gonna be discussing geography here, click on this link and decide what definition of continent you wanna apply here)

Finishing up, a brief comment on the results…

Rikke Laumann – I never saw that coming. Actually, I never remember Rikke untill she hits perfect compulsories and amazes me. (here is a shout out to my coach who always tells me Rikke is her favorite athlete)

Jacques Ferrari – He was the first one. He setted the bar up in the sky where no one could reach him.  I sure hope we have more excitement tomorrow haha. COME ON BOYS! GO GET HIM!!!!

Now the final scores:



1- Rikke Laumann 8,435
2- Joanne Eccles 8,350
3- Simone Jäiser 8,300

4- Anna Cavallaro 8,224
5- Corinna Knauf 8,110
6- Mary Mccormick 8,080
7- Jasmin Gipperich 8,027
8- Kristina Boe 7,891
9- Elizabeth Bieri 7,785
10- Daniela Fritz 7,748

11- Lucy Phillips 7,711
12 – Carola Sneekers7,838
13- Pascale Wagner 7,812
14- Ann Sophie 7,583
15- Elisabeth Ioannou7,571

16- Maria Bondar 7,502-
17- Hannah Eccles 7,554
18- Mary Garreth 7, 481
19 – Blanka Nëmeth 7,450
20- Katharina Luschin 7, 378
21- Silvia Stopazzini 7,355
22- Esther Sneekers 7,181
23- Manom Moutinho 7,128
24- Sandra Anderberg 7,038
25- Alexa Stais 7,008
26- Manon Noel 6,973
27- Janine Van der Sluijs 6,973 –
28- Claire De Ridder 6,851
29- Julia Pitchford 6,831
30- Réka Godolla 6,370
31- Alisa Schmidt 6,318
32- Jana Bartonkova 6,058


2- Jacques Ferrari – 8,410
3- Nicolas Andreani – 8,300
4- Viktor Brüsewitz 8,216
5- Thomas Brüsewitz 8,144
6- Erik Oese – 8,108
7- Lukas Wacha – 7,791
8- Lukas Heppler – 7,915
9- Vincent Haennel – 7,901
10- Lambert Eclezio – 7,801
11- Adam Lukac- 7,741
12- Stephan Csandl 7,734
13- Lukas Klouda – 7,620
14- Gabe Aniello 7,456
15- Zao Singlehurst 7,328
16- Cyril Michel – 7,312
17- Kristian Roberts – 7,173
16-Patrick Stevens 6,848



I am a 27 years old psychologist from Brazil, although I have graduated in psychology I work with media and communications, with a focus on data analysis. I am currently heading towards a master's degree at the London School of Economics (LSE). I am not vaulting anymore, but I did for over 10 years. As it very often happens in our sport, I never really left, I taught at a social project for a few years and have been working on VN since 2014.

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